Amazon hunts for 40 new UK distribution hubs as it struggles to maintain rapid delivery

Amazon is on the hunt for 40 new distribution hubs across the UK as it continues its aggressive property expansion.

The online retail behemoth is seeking to rent, rather than buy, dozens of new UK locations outside of London and the South East where it already has a significant presence, according to Property Week.

One industrial property agent told the publication that: “Amazon is currently at the forefront of most requirements,”

“If you’ve got space, the chances are it’ll be Amazon. They are taking huge amounts.”

It is thought that the latest dramatic push to expand its physical footprint comes as Amazon struggles to maintain its two-day delivery promise for Prime customers in the UK.

The pandemic has seen demand for Amazon products skyrocket, and the second national lockdown during the busiest quarter of the year is due to put major pressure on the retailer’s supply chain.

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Amazon has already increased its footprint by a whopping 50 per cent this year, up from just 15 per cent a between 2018 and 2019.

In June it was reported that Amazon had purchased nearly a quarter of all available industrial space in the UK over 2020.

This represented 3.15 million sq ft of the 13.5 million sq ft total take-up this year.

Amazon also accounted for 75 per cent of the online retail industrial take-up, its largest portion since 2016 when it represented 85 per cent.

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