PS5 reselling for nearly double RRP just hours after “rollercoaster” pandemic launch


PlayStation 5 consoles are already regularly receiving 55 per cent above their retail price on resale sites as the “rollercoaster” launch gets underway in key markets.

Sony’s PS5 launched across Japan and North America today and is already being resold on sites like Ebay and StockX for close to twice its RRP.

The release has been significantly hampered by the pandemic, with Sony urging customers to “be safe, stay home, and place your order online” in order to maintain social distancing.

With pre-orders having sold out within hours of being released in September and shoppers unable to walk into stores to purchase the next-gen consoles, resale prices have exploded online.

PS5’s are currently retailing in the US for $500 with a disc drive, and $400 without, but have been found online for as much as $900.

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According to resale giant StockX “more than 1000” consoles were sold via its platform within 24 hours, regularly selling for 55 per cent above their retail prices.

The PS5 is not due to be released in the UK for another week, but a number of consoles have already appeared on Ebay listed for as much as £820.

PlayStation’s UK boss Jim Ryan told BBC Radio 1 that he was “astonished” by the level of preorders, adding that he’ll “never do this again in a pandemic”.

“We’re making more PS5’s in this difficult environment then we made PS4s in that launch. If people are unable to find one at launch, we’re very sorry and apologetic about that.

“They can rest assured we’re working really hard to get significant supplies into the market before and after Christmas.”

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