Amazon has now donated over 20 million items through its FBA Donations scheme


Amazon has now donated more than 20 million items to charities and communities in need through its Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) Donations.

The online behemoth’s FBA Donations scheme was launched last August in the US and Europe in a bid to provide support for “communities, families, and the planet”.

Under the scheme third party sellers using Amazon’s warehouse storage and fulfilment service will automatically be opted in to donate their “overstock”, usually destined for landfill, to charity.

Since launch, Amazon says it has now donated more than 20 million items including household appliances, tools, school supplies, children’s items and clothing to “hundreds of thousands” of communities in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, and Czech Republic.

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“Amazon product donations are crucial in our ability to serve and support vulnerable communities in the US,” chief executive of charity Good360 Matt Connelly said.

“The wide variety of high-quality goods that we receive from Amazon allows Good360 and our network of nonprofit members get critically needed items into the hands of millions of people who really need them.

“These donations have been even more important in the face of the economic crisis brought on by COVID-19.”

Amazon says it now plans to roll the service out in France where it aims to donate hundreds of thousands of items next year alone.

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