PS5 chaos continues as Walmart’s website crashes numerous times leaving swathes empty handed

PlayStation 5 demand has caused Walmart’s website to crash numerous times leaving swathes of angry shoppers empty handed.

The US’ largest retailer hoped to make up for chaos that ensued after it released PS5 pre-orders in September, which resulted in shoppers being met with broken links, downed websites and failed orders.

In an effort to avoid a repeat, Walmart introduced a staggered system in which it would release batches of the console every three hours.

Despite this, demand has been so significant that Walmart’s website has crashed during all of the batch releases so far, leaving customers who had managed to get a console in their cart with error messages meaning they were unable to complete their purchase.


Many have also taken to social media to complain that automated bots, used by customers planning to resell the consoles at a dramatically inflated price, swiped all of the consoles before anyone else had a chance.

The PS5 is due to be released in the UK on November 19, but with the country being in its second national lockdown many are expecting similar chaos to ensue over online orders.

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The release has been significantly hampered by the pandemic, with Sony urging customers to “be safe, stay home, and place your order online” in order to maintain social distancing.

With pre-orders having sold out within hours of being released in September and shoppers unable to walk into stores to purchase the next-gen consoles, resale prices have exploded online.

PS5’s are currently retailing in the US for $500 with a disc drive, and $400 without, but have been found online for as much as $900.

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