Currys forced to cancel all PS5 orders due to website “loop hole” leaving customers furious

Currys PC World has apologised to customers after its was forced to cancel the sale of all PlayStation 5 consoles due to an error on its website.

Customers were left fuming yesterday as attempts to get their hands on a coveted PS5 console descended into chaos, seeing the websites of almost all of the UK’s major retailers selling the console crash.

Currys was originally due to release its launch day stock for sale at 9am, but informed fans on Twitter at 9:02 that the release was being placed indefinitely “on hold” as its website failed to deal with the spike in traffic.

It has now been revealed that an error in the retailers website meant shoppers were able to buy up Currys PS5 stock well before its 9am release, with Twitter users stating they managed complete a purchase as early as 5:30am.

This fatal error forced the retailer to cancel orders for the day, tweeting that “There will be no PS5s available to buy today.”

Those who managed to buy up Currys stock before 9am have reportedly had their orders cancelled and are awaiting a refund.

“If you had placed the order before 9am, this would have been cancelled due to a loop hole in the website allowing you to order”, Currys Team Knowhow Twitter account said in a now deleted tweet.

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It is not clear when Currys will release its PS5 stock, which has been in severely limited supply across the board.

Many who managed to get their hands on a console are now selling them on Ebay for dramatically inflated prices, with many now listed on Ebay for over £1000.

According to Japanese media outlet Famitsu the PS5 has outsold the Xbox Series, which was released just days before, at a rate of five to one.

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  • is my ps5 still on order.will i get it defore xmas.i have recieved order conforemation.

  • I’ve just had a message saying I have been chosen to test and keep the new PS5,all I have to do is pay 1€,is this a scam


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