UK government considering rolling out drone deliveries to “rural or isolated towns”


Drone deliveries could soon become a common occurrence “in rural or isolated towns” across the UK as the government considers radical new initiatives to ensure communities are not left behind.

The UK government is asking for feedback on a number of progressive new initiatives proposed to ensure remote parts of the country are not forgotten by advances in technology.

One such proposal would be allowing drones to deliver goods to hard to reach areas in order to cut delivery times and reduce emissions, according to the Financial Times.

Drones have been used by large ecommerce retailers like Alibaba and in China to deliver goods to remote villages which are hard to reach by road for some years.

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This would mark a significant step forward for the fledgling technology here in the UK, though any initiatives would be subject to negotiations with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

In December 2019, it was reported that the CAA published a new guide aimed at making long-distance drone operations an “everyday occurrence”.

Official trials of drone flights beyond the operator’s line of sight, then illegal under UK aviation regulations, were set to begin early in 2020 paving the way for commercial pilotless drone deliveries.

Previous regulation required drones to be flown within the operator’s line of site at a maximum of 1600ft, and 400ft above the ground.

These rules are seen as a major barrier to the development of commercial drone deliveries, which are beginning to be adopted by major retailers in China and the US.

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