Amazon Web Services goes down taking major websites and thousands of devices with it


Amazon Web Services (AWS) went down this morning taking a number of major websites and thousands of connected devices with it.

AWS, the retailer’s cloud computing arm which provides the internet infrastructure to thousands of websites and apps, has been experiencing outages across large portions of North America since around 5pm ET yesterday evening.

Being one of the most widely used cloud computing services in the world its outage has had huge ripple effects throughout the internet, seeing scores of websites report issues.

The Washington Post, Roku, Adobe Spark, Glassdoor, Flikr, Coinbase and Target all took to Twitter to report issues relating to the outage.

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Amazon itself was also not immune to the outage, which hit its Ring doorbell subsidiary and affected its “ability to post updates to the Service Health Dashboard”, meaning it was largely unable to report the outage.

Users across the US and Canada also saw many of their Alexa connected devices go down, including Echo smart speakers, Roombas, smart plugs, smart bulbs and even microwaves.

Amazon has not yet given a reason for the outage, but some websites and devices are still reportedly experiencing issues.

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