Amazon says it has sacked delivery driver allegedly caught on CCTV “stealing” PS5

Amazon says it will no longer work with a delivery driver who was caught on CCTV allegedly failing to delivery a PlayStation 5.

Last week Amazon was forced to apologise to customers after many were delivered air fryers, dog food, and toys in place of their £450 PS5 consoles.

Other customers including Jenni Walker, who had purchased the PS5 for her son who turned 16 on launch day, were simply left empty handed.

While several affected customers reported on social media that their delivery drivers were seen pulling up to their houses before driving away without making a delivery, Walker believes she caught the incident on camera.

In CCTV footage shared on Twitter, the delivery driver can be seen handling a PS5 shaped box and returning it to the van in between his deliveries.

According to Eurogamer, the family contacted Amazon’s customer support team and were offered a refund, which Walker initially refused believing it could end their contract and prevent Amazon providing a replacement.

Furious, Walker’s daughter drove to the local Amazon depot to confront the site’s manager with the CCTV footage.

The independent delivery company, which delivers on behalf of Amazon, confirmed the driver in question was their employee and said they would be sacked.

Amazon told the Oxford Mail: “We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and how they serve customers. The delivery associate will no longer be delivering on behalf of Amazon.”

Walker told the same publication: “I am livid beyond words. I fully appreciate this is a first world problem and considering we are in a global pandemic not the most important ordeal faced, but for it to happen on my son’s birthday seems incredibly cruel.”

PS5 stock remains entirely sold out across the UK leaving those affected by the delivery irregularities no choice but to take a refund or buy a console at a significantly inflated price.

Consoles can regularly be found on Ebay and StockX selling for over £1000.

Reports suggest that scalpers who used bots to buy up swathes of consoles on launch day are largely responsible for the shortage and subsequent price gouging of the PS5.

Sony has said that the this was the biggest console launch in its history, and has assured customers more stock will be available “before the end of the year”.

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  • I had the same with eBay they tracked my parcel With the driver to the street and said it had been delivered. So would not get a refund. So I then went around the houses and put letters through there doors with my mobile number asking if it had been delivered to them, and thankfully an honest person called me and I got my parcel back. So tracking is not 100% correct.

  • Clifford Greaves
    November 29, 2020 8:28 am

    Is it worth loosing job for

  • We too had our Ps5 stolen by driver and passed on footage of driver, told he was released from his job. I feel amazon simply telling us we need to take refund and wait like everyone else is not fair, the very least they should take responsibility to replace them 1st
    All we have had is customer service with almost computer like replies most times
    The only guy investigating delivery called back and took footage and incident
    Otherwise Amazon customer service didnt care
    This is policy to refund if it does not turn up
    The company should be held accountable
    Sacking the drivers solve amazons problem NOT ours

  • Thanks, but many customers also lie to get free treats, i work as delivery for many companies and everyday i hear customer lying about not receiving the parcels, in the end it is the driver who loose the job and also pay for lost delivery, i also use to work for deliveroo and many times customer say they didn’t receive the food, and deliveroo had to block my account,

  • This is why i don’t have items of high value delivered as all yes all throw them around like rubbish and delivery driver’s steal them thats why I collect direct from the shop

  • Headline says Amazon sacked the driver.

    Amazon didn’t sack anyone. It was an independent delivery company (as the artilce states) who sacked the driver, not Amazon.

  • The delivery drivers should also give back the stolen PS5’s or go to to court.
    I’m glad i didn’t but my PS5 from Amazon.

  • I know its so so wrong but how can Amazon replace something they can’t get hold of nobody can get hold of them

  • I had a problem today with a cheap toy delivered from Amazon instead of a £1000 laptop. Disgusting!


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