Amazon warehouse workers to strike in a bid to disrupt Black Friday orders

Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Germany have been called on by their trade union to strike for the second time in a week in order to disrupt the processing of Black Friday orders.

The strike is set to begin as workers start their Monday night shift, and finish at the end of Tuesday’s late shift, according to Reuters.

It follows on from a three-day walkout that started on Thursday and ended on Saturday, with 500 workers taking part.

Verdi, who have been organising strikes with Amazon workers in Germany since 2013, are demanding higher wages and more protection against COVID-19 at its facilities.

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The news comes after Amazon announced plans to roll out a $500 million (£374 million) global bonus package for all of its employees working between December 1 and December 31.

Full time staff in the UK will receive a £300 bonus, while part-time staff will receive £150 bringing Amazon’s total global spend on special bonuses and incentives to $2.5 billion (£1.84 billion) this year.

Verdi launched similar strike action in October in a similar attempt to disrupt its delayed Prime day sales, while campaign group Ethical Consumer called on UK shoppers to boycott the retail giant citing the “cost to vital public services” incurred by Amazon’s controversial tax system here in the UK.

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