Balenciaga to launch latest collection through a video game


Balenciaga is set to unveil its latest clothing collection through a bespoke original video game which customers can play through their browser.

“Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow” will launch on December 6 allowing customers to explore the luxury brand’s autumn/winter 2021 collection through an interactive virtual world.

According to the brand the game is an “allegorical adventure” set in the year 2031, in which the player will navigate through the virtual realm completing tasks and talking with characters wearing the brand’s latest collection.

While details on the video game are thin, Balenciaga says the story will explore the collection’s theme of human destiny through “mythological pasts” and “projected futures.”

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Luxury brands including Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Gucci have all tried their hand at releasing video games in the past year, but this will mark the first attempt to launch a full collection purely in a digital video game format.

It comes as luxury brands are increasingly turning to the video game industry to explore new marketing techniques and appeal to younger shoppers.

According to a report from investment banking giant Jefferies, luxury brands are set to drive this unlikely partnership forward over the coming years as they seek to capitalise on the increasingly lucrative market.

It argues that the current gaming demographic represent the next generation of luxury consumers, with 46 per cent of the world’s active gamers already spending money in-game.

“We’re seeing brands roll out innovative ways of showcasing and selling their products across the digital landscape,” marketing manager Anthony Blakemore told the BBC.

“The gamification of Balenciaga’s new collection is an excellent example of how innovative digital marketing methods can be used to not only sell clothes, but create an immersive and enjoyable digital experience.”

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