Amazon’s Zoox unveils fully autonomous “robotaxi” set to rival Uber

Amazon’s has officially revealed its autonomous electric robotaxi in a move it hopes will “reimagine transportation”.

Zoox, the self-driving startup which Amazon purchased for $1.2 billion in June, has unveiled its flagship robotaxi capable of carrying up to four people and reach top speeds of 75 miles per hour.

According to Bloomberg, the fully autonomous passenger vehicle features two motors at each end enabling it to travel in either direction, and two battery packs under the seats capable of powering it for 16 hours between charges.

While no timescale has been detailed, Zoox plans to launch a ride-hailing service to rival that of Uber with its robotaxis across the US and other countries starting next year.

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Like most autonomous vehicles currently in use, Zoox’s taxis use lidar sensors and cameras spread around the vehicle to “see” more than 360 degrees of terrain at once.

Each robotaxi is fitted with airbags that form a cocoon around each passenger should any collision take place, while the company is able to manually operate the vehicle remotely and communicate with passengers in real time.

“This is really about re-imagining transportation,” Zoox chief executive Aicha Evans told Bloomberg.

“Not only do we have the capital required, we have the long-term vision.”

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