Shopify bans Donald Trump’s stores stating it “does not tolerate actions that incite violence”

Donald Trump’s two official stores have been taken offline by Shopify for breaching its policy which prohibits platforms which “threaten or condone violence”.

Shopify has removed, the official campaign store of the outgoing president, alongside the Trump organisation’s official shop

The Canadian tech giant, which now provides the ecommerce platform for close to a million retail stores, said that “based on recent events, we have determined that the acts by president Donald J. Trump violate our Acceptable Use Policy”.

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Both sites, which are understood to have raked in over $4 million over March and April last year, were taken down on Thursday morning and any customers trying to access them are now met with error messages.

It follows the dramatic events at the Capitol Building on Wednesday, which saw Trump supporters donning many items sold through these stores riot and break into the US government building, resulting in four deaths.

Social media giants including Twitter, on which Trump has 88 million followers, Facebook, Instagram and Snap also temporarily banned Trump’s profiles following Wednesday’s events.

Shopify’s move marks a stark turnaround of policy from its chief executive Tobias Lütke, who had previously said it was not the company’s place to interrupt freedom of expression, even if the organisation disagreed with a retailer’s position.

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  • Yawn…in other words orangeman bad eh?

  • I bet it supports BLM though?

  • Chris Harding
    January 10, 2021 2:17 pm

    “Make America Great Again” incites violence? OK then…

  • Have you not watched who really caused the violence because it was not any supporters of Trump ,look at the true footage caught on camera & watch Newsmax or The Epoch Times on YouTube, that shows what really hapend & cameras don’t lie,why blame Trump when it had nothing to do with his supporters

  • The cop who would’ve shot BLM dead was killed by a Trump protestor. Two wrongs don’t make a right…they said defund the police. So the police are now so scared of white supremacists and freaks after confronting BAME last summer. Crazy divided world and everything self.regulates online. Trump doesn’t need to sell Make America Great Again. That’s now Biden’s job. Trump should enjoy freedom while he can.


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