Iceland contacts 150,000 vulnerable customers to offer priority delivery slots “on an ongoing basis”


Iceland has reached out to 150,000 vulnerable shoppers to offer them priority delivery slots as the UK settles into its third national lockdown.

The supermarket’s managing director Richard Walker announced on social media that the grocer was now making 300,000 delivery slots available every day to vulnerable people unable to get to supermarkets themselves.

According to Walker, the retailer reached out to thousands of customers on government supplied lists offering “priority access to delivery slots on an ongoing basis” within an hour of the official announcement of a national lockdown.

“I’m proud to say that within an hour of Monday’s Downing Street conference, we’d contacted almost 150,000 vulnerable customers within our database,” Walker said.

“The resilience and flexibility of our teams in making this kind of support a reality never ceases to amaze me.

“Each day, we’re making delivery slots available to almost 300,000 vulnerable people on our government supplied lists. We continue to listen to our customers and our colleagues to understand how we can do more, and will continue to do all we can to help those most in need.”

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Iceland has been able to keep largely ahead of its rivals in ensuring the availability of delivery slots during lockdown thanks to a rapid expansion of its operations following the initial surge in demand last year.

Following the introduction of the first lockdown in March which saw a 500 per cent increase in demand, Iceland emailed customers just weeks later informing them delivery slots were once again widely available.

It was able to do this by bringing its Food Warehouse branches online for home delivery, which are typically two or three times larger than a standard Iceland store and stock a wider range of goods,

More than 120 Food Warehouse stores with a capacity between 10,000 and 15,000sq ft now help fulfil orders, which is understood to have increases its overall capacity by 250 per cent.

Iceland also added 250 new delivery vans with double the crate capacity to its fleet before Christmas.

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  • since last march I found iceland the only supermarket i could get delivery from now i,m a vip customer in south london…there brilliant and i even won a turkey crown on there xmas free draw when you shopped and if you get there bonus card its equivelent of an extra 5% delivery on order over £35…..theyve helped an old boy like me keep safe although i do miss me venture out to the supermarket


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