Ocado launched major rebrand to maximise digital impact

Ocado has launched a major rebrand changing its logo, colour and typeface to create “the most digital, flexible and accessible version” of its brand yet.

According to the online retailer, there were bits of its branding which “weren’t designed for use in modern digital environments” leading it to launch a major overhaul this week.

The overhaul has seen Ocado’s brand colour change from green to purple, which is reportedly “inspired by fresh fruit and vegetables”.

Purple “works wonderfully in digital”, Ocado said, thanks to the high level of colour contrast with white backgrounds.

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It is also intended to give the brand a “distinctive, ownable identity”, setting Ocado apart from the number of UK grocers including Asda and Waitrose which use green.

Its iconic swirl has also changed amid concerns it was getting “a bit lost on smaller screens”, and has now be redrawn and animated to stand out on customers’ smartphones.

Furthermore, Ocado has changed its font to avoid people reading it as “Ocodo”, commissioning a new custom typeface called “Ocado Sans”.

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