Amazon could be investigated over claims it makes it too hard to quit Prime


Amazon could be investigated over accusations it makes it too hard to cancel Amazon Prime subscriptions, violating consumer protection laws.

A group of public interest advocates led by Public Citizen penned a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) yesterday, calling for an investigation into how Amazon forces its customers to cancel their Prime subscriptions.

According to the group the process is “designed to unfairly and deceptively undermine the will of the consumer” and may violate FTC rules and other consumer laws.

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It comes as Norway’s state-backed consumer protection agency called on the country’s regulators to determine whether the retailer violated local laws.

The agency claim that Amazon uses a range of manipulative techniques to prevent people cancelling their orders, and they have even produced a video demonstrating how a customer may accidently click buttons which keep them subscribed.

In response to the accusations, Amazon told Bloomberg that “customer trust is at the heart of all of our products and services and we strongly disagree with any claim that our cancellation process creates uncertainty”.

The spokesperson added: “The information we provide in the online cancellation flow gives a full view of the benefits and services members are cancelling.”

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