Supermarkets could scrap delivery charges for most vulnerable as charities pile on pressure

Supermarkets are being called on to scrap delivery charges for their most vulnerable customers being forced to shield.

Over 20 leading UK charities, including Age UK and Disability Rights UK, have written to the chief executives of the country’s leading supermarkets, The Grocer reported.

The group have called on Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Iceland, Waitrose and Ocado to scrap delivery fees for those “who are most at risk from coronavirus”, so that they are not forced to choose between risking their health by visiting stores in person or taking on extra costs to have food delivered.

According to the letter, delivery charges and minimum spends “represent a disproportionately high cost” for vulnerable shoppers on lower incomes putting them in “real financial trouble”.

It also pointed out that during the first lockdown, some supermarkets scrapped delivery fees and reduced minimum spending for priority customers, but those measures have not been brought back as the country endures its third national lockdown.

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“People living alone have told us they don’t spend enough on food each week to reach the minimum spend for free delivery, and for those already on lower incomes, the extra delivery charge is a real burden,” Independent Age’s chief executive Deborah Alsina said.

“No one at risk should be financially penalised for following the official advice to stay home.

“We urge supermarkets to step up again and suspend the charges for people who are confined to their homes at this difficult time.”

Late last year Independent Age commissioned research which found that 77 per cent of UK citizens believe those who are unable to shop in supermarkets should not be forced to pay delivery charges, while a further 81 per cent agree minimum spends should be scrapped.

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  • I got charged five pound and most of my shopping was out order ? They delivered and me delivery man had to put them in bags at my front door am ery high risk plus items missing so left with nothing four two weeks cause main meals never had bits fridge were sort dated out order joke !!!!?

  • I have a rare form of epilepsy and find doing things on line hard, I couldn’t manage to do a online shop on my own, booking a delivery day was the worse thing, I went into the store and asked for the manager and asked for help, I said I would appreciate your help, I know your busy, but I got turned away, I felt hurt and stupid, wishing that I had not bothered. This shop is a very well known store and I expected more.


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