YouTube is testing new shopping features allowing creators to sell to fans

YouTube is testing new shopping features which aim to make it easier for people to “easily discover and purchase products featured” in videos.

YouTube is making a further push into the ecommerce sector and is piloting a new feature which will allow creators to add a new shopping bag icon to their content.

When users click on this shopping bag icon, they’ll be presented with a list of items featured in the video.

They can then explore each product’s page to see more information, related videos and purchase options for that product.

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Currently the feature is only available to a select number of creators in the US, but could be rolled out more widely should it prove popular.

This is the latest push into ecommerce from the video sharing giant, which recently began testing new technology which allows content creators to tag items within their videos, then sell them directly to customers via integrated tools from Google Shopping.

While Google confirmed  that this was currently only being tested, it has the potential to transform the world’s largest video sharing platform into a vast interactive marketplace.

This would enable Google to dramatically ramp up its advertising revenues and seriously challenge big retail hitters like Amazon and Alibaba, which it has struggled to contend with in terms of ecommerce until now.

“Joining the likes of Pinterest and Instagram, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that YouTube is the latest social media platform to make its way into in-app shopping experiences,” Productsup’s chief marketing officer Marcel Hollerbach said.

“Video is an increasingly relevant medium for consumers, influencers and brands, and the new initiative could eventually allow consumers to make purchases directly from YouTube videos.”

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