Argos launches “investigation” after scalpers hit PS5 restock


Argos has launched an “investigation” after reports emerged that PlayStation 5 scalper groups once again wiped-out stock before other customers had a chance.

PS5 stock issues continue to plague the console’s release more than two months after it launched in the UK, as scalper groups persistently hoard stock in order to resell it at severely inflated prices.

Earlier this week Argos “released a small amount of additional stock”, but customers were once again left disappointed after it sold out almost immediately.

According to IGN, paid-for scalper groups exploited a loophole which allowed members to purchase stock before it officially went on sale.

The group scalper group, Express Notify, has taken credit for the stock buyout and many of its members have posted pictures of themselves collecting consoles from Argos stores.

The retailer is understood to have shut down these rogue links as quickly as it could manage, but several bad-actors managed to get their hands on a PS5 before they were able to do so.

Argos said it “identified a technical issue which allowed a small proportion of customers to place orders early”.

“It’s clear our customers are excited for the new PlayStation,” it added.

“We released a small amount of additional stock and have seen huge numbers of customers trying to place their orders with us and we have now sold out.”

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Despite launching in the UK in November, PS5 stock levels are still very limited, filtering through in small stock allocations such as this.

Scalper groups using ‘bots’, or automated software able to buy up swathes of stock at lightning speeds, have been cashing in on the limited availability and extortionately high demand for the two next-gen consoles.

Retailers have struggled to tackle the use of these bots, which have allowed some scalper groups such as CrepChiefNotify to amass more stock than almost all UK retailers and sell them on for exorbitant prices.

PS5 consoles are still appearing on resale sites like Ebay for nearly twice their recommended retail price, suggesting stock is still in high demand.

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  • I can’t be critical of enterprise.

  • I work for Argos and didn’t have a clue when they were going on sale,we had them in stock for 3 days at least and couldn’t reserve one.
    Argos released them around 1am so I was told by customers who bought them.
    What a ridiculous time to release them as most normal people would be asleep at this time in the morning. I personally am disgusted and disappointed by Argos for doing this and I won’t be using the website anymore

  • Had ps5 in basket on last argos drop would not let me pay then disappeared was not happy this needs to be sorted now alot of unhappy customers

  • Seems like retailers don’t really care about average Joe. Sale is a sale, right? They have their profits. I mean how hard is it to introduce captcha at the checkout?! That usually stops bots, right?! Or just stop the online sale all together. Stock up, and release only after the lockdown to buy in store only. 1 per household. That’s that simple.

  • This is disgraceful, I tried for months to buy one as a Christmas gift, every time they were released they were scooped up! I finally won an Auction & git it for Christmas, total price I paid……..£755.00.
    Not right, Not Fair & Not on!!

  • All these scalpers should be paying business tax and if anyone caught doing so should be reported for insurance fraud as operating a business from residential premises . They should also be named and shamed publicly

  • Is it difficult to have a pre-book system for Real customers?

  • So me me me scalpers let by Argos and others left children with out like me with disabled child with out who needed voucher to buy at said stores

  • I was getting a ps5 when it first came out then the scalper’s hit and will just like meany over’s been mesed about can’t even buy one.
    I am not going to pay a inflation amount for this item these people need to be charged for exploiting people its crinamal.

  • To late now there gone, nothin will ever be done about it people who want one will have to wait till mid year


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