Lush launches “Bring it Back” scheme offering 50p for every item returned


Lush has launched a new “Bring it Back” plastic recycling scheme offering customers 50p for every container they return to store.

The new scheme, which will run from Monday 1 February, will encourage customers to return full-sized plastic packaging from Lush to their local store.

For every item returned, Lush will offer shoppers a 50p deposit to spend in store.

The returned items will be sent to Greenhub, the retailer’s UK recycling hub, where the packaging will be remoulded into the Lush’s signature black pots or used as industrial feedstock material.

Lush is also tying the new Bring it Back scheme in with its pre-existing face mask scheme, offering a new face mask for every five plastic items returned to store.

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“We are working hard to offer people the ultimate waste-free shopping experience,” Lush said.

“We continue to invent revolutionary naked products, unique packaging materials, work on reusable plastic packaging items as well as looking into refilling options for the future. This recycling scheme is another step on our path to leaving the world Lusher than we found it.

“By moving towards a deposit-style scheme, whereby Lush customers know that they are ‘renting’ the packaging and can simply return it when they are finished, we keep the responsibility of waste-reduction and resource recycling as a company responsibility. All we need our customers to do is simply return their empties to us – we’ll take care of the rest.”

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