Amazon Alexa can now direct you to your nearest COVID-19 testing centre


Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant can now direct users to their nearest COVID-19 testing sites or help them find a vaccine trial.

Amazon quietly rolled out the new voice functionalities last week, allowing users to ask Alexa via their Echo smart speaker or their smartphone where they can receive a local coronavirus test.

If a user asks “where can I get a COVID-19 test?”, Alexa will pull data from GISCorps and sources like Yelp and offer a list of locations within a 10-mile radius.

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On the Alexa smartphone app users will then be given a number they can call to book an appointment, while Echo users can simply ask Alexa to “call the first one”.

Users can also ask Alexa to “find a COVID vaccine trial” and be offered a list of trial sites within a 30 mile radius using research organisation IQVIA.

The functionality was rolled out alongside the addition of a raft of new branded alarms, which allow users to choose to be woken up by sounds from Disney, Spongebob, Jurassic World and Harry Potter.

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