Lockdown fuelling £2.4 billion returns crisis

Unreturned items with a total value exceeding £2 billion have built up across the UK as shoppers are “struggling to return goods during the current restrictions and lockdown”.

UK shoppers are sitting on around £2.4 billion in unreturned goods, according to a new data from locker network InPost.

The data suggests that lockdown restrictions have prevented shoppers from returning unwanted items throughout January, with 57 per cent stating returning online goods was time consuming and a hassle.

Those with unwanted purchases have an average of three items waiting to be returned each, with an average estimated value of £165 per person.

More than half of shoppers surveyed (54 per cent) said they were concerned about coming into contact with other people at Post Offices, parcel drop off spots or stores when making returns.

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A further 65 per cent said they did not want to spend time queuing, while 62 per cent said they thought retailers needed a contact-free returns option.

“It’s clear that shoppers are struggling to return goods during the current restrictions and lockdown,” InPost UK’s chief executive Jason Tavaria said.

“With no firm end to these in sight, it’s vital that retailers make it easier for people to return goods during this period by offering a wider range of returns options, including local parcel drop-off points such as lockers.

“Not only will they be rewarded with better stock control and improved customer loyalty, they will also be well positioned with customers once restrictions lift and spending increases again.”

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