UK shoppers now spend more online than any other country

UK shoppers spend more money online on average than any other country in the world, helping drive ecommerce to $223 billion (£160 billion) last year.

Online sales in the UK overall were the third largest in the world, dwarfed by the globe’s two biggest economies China and the US which saw $1276.2 billion (£918.5 billion) and $830.7 billion (£597.8 billion) respectively.

Rank Country Average Online Spend (USD) B2C Spend (Billion USD) eCommerce Index
1 China $2,386 $1276.2 7.86
2 USA $3,680 $830.7 7.59
3 United Kingdom $4,516 $233 6.32
4 Denmark $4,084 $19.9 5.14
5 Norway $3,408 $14.3 4.44

However, according to new data from Merchant Machine, UK shoppers spent an average of $4516 (£3250.1) each in 2020, nearly double China’s $2,386 (£1717.1) and comfortably above the US’ $3680 (£2648).

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In terms of percentage of salary spent online the UK came 6th behind China, Nigeria and Russia, with the average UK shopper spending 15 per cent of their salary online last year.

Despite spending comparatively little overall, Turkish shoppers spent more of their salary than any other country at 20 per cent.

Rank Country Average Online Spend (USD) Average Net Salary After Tax Online Spend % of Salary
1 Turkey $960 $4,728 20%
2 China $2,386 $12,236 20%
3 Nigeria $417 $2,213 19%
4 Morocco $990 $5,376 18%
5 Russia $781 $5,252 15%

Perhaps unsurprisingly Amazon, which now is now available in 16 countries, was the most popular online brand globally last year, with Ebay and Apple also taking top spots.

In China however, the world’s second largest economy, was the top brand for online purchases beating its larger rival Alibaba.

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