Amazon launches new Kickstarter-style “Built It” concept letting shoppers vote on which products it will build


Amazon has launched a pioneering new Kickstarter-style programme asking shoppers to vote on experimental products they want to see it build.

“Build It”, which went live yesterday, will see Amazon present customers with some of its most exciting new concepts like a voice-activated Sticky Notes Printer or a Smart Cuckoo Clock.

Users can then pre-order the items they most want to see built and any products which meet their pre-order limit within 30 days will be built and sent to the customers.

Any customers who make a pre-order will lock in a special price, and if the product does not meet its pre-order goal it won’t be built and customers will not be charged.

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The initiative is part of Amazon’s “Day 1 Editions” programme which was launched to enable Amazon to get early feedback on products.

Amazon’s Echo Frames, essentially glasses with Alexa integration, were the first product to be produced through its Day 1 Editions concept.

Three concepts are now live for Build It users to pre-order, including its Smart Cuckoo Clock with Alexa voice integration, customisable alarms and sounds and instant time sync capabilities.

Its Smart Stick Notes printer is once again Alexa enabled enabling users to take down notes using nothing but their voice.

The $89.99 device also uses thermal printing technology meaning you never need to refill ink, just the sticky labels.

Amazon is also pitching a Smart Nutrition Scale which can provide users with nutritional information for thousands of ingredients and food via Alexa or by connecting to an Echo Show.

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