‘Shoppertainment’ to be next big shopping trend in Europe


“Shoppertainment” is set to be the major shopping trend across the UK and Europe according to Alibaba which pioneered the cutting-edge concept.

Shoppertainment, a new model which has exploded across the Chinese and Asian retail markets over the last 18 months, involves retailers providing highly immersive digital interactive experiences via live streaming events which ultimately drive sales.

New research, commissioned by AliExpress, suggests that while shoppertainment is still nascent in Europe compared to Asia shoppers are “open to embrace new trends and technologies that can enhance their shopping experiences.”

A survey of 14,460 adults in France, Poland, Spain and the UK revealed that 70 per cent of shoppers expressed interest in shoppertainment specifically, while almost half have increased their consumption of shoppertainment content during the pandemic.

“This is a real commercial opportunity for sellers and retailers who knows how to leverage this trend strategically,” AliExpress’ head of content operations ecosystem Vita Chang said.

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Electronics, fashion and cosmetics were found to be the categories shoppers were most keen to engage with, while shoppers were found to be most engaged during livestreaming events featuring short, trustworthy, relatable content.

“When exploring the European opportunity, it is important to look into distinctions of each country to cater the right messages for different consumers in different countries,” Change added.

In the UK shoppers were found to need more trustworthy, entertaining content that is suitable for mobile screens, while customers in France preferred content that is endorsed by influencers.

AliExpress says it is now committed to expanding shoppertainment’s growth across Europe and has provided more than 44,000 live shows in thirteen different languages since July 2019.

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