93% of the UK bought something on Amazon last year


A whopping 93 per cent of the UK say they have shopped on Amazon at least once over the past 12 months, as the online giant solidifies its dominance during lockdown.

According to a new research from ecommerce specialist Pattern, just seven in 100 UK citizens avoided Amazon all together over the last year.

The UK’s successive national lockdowns were unsurprisingly a key factor in driving shoppers to Amazon’s vast marketplace, with 43 per cent of respondents stating closure of non-essential stores was the key reason behind them making a purchase.

A further 40 per cent said they were now buying items online which they previously would have bought in store, with 39 per cent stating they were now buying more with Amazon as a result.

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Looking ahead throughout 2021, 39 per cent of shoppers said they expect to spend more online on non-food items, while 30 per cent said they expect to purchase more with Amazon.

While Amazon has been a key beneficiary of the shift online, other online retailers also reaped the rewards.

According to Pattern’s data 28 per cent of respondents said they had changed the online retailers they bought from in the last year, while 29 per cent said they expect to buy from other throughout 2021.

“Amazon makes no secret of the fact that selection is crucial to its appeal,” Pattern’s general manager for Europe Nicola Hollow said.

“Our research shows that consumers particularly appreciated its wide range during lockdown, and have broadened the type of products they are willing to buy from the marketplace in the future as a result.”

Nearly 60 per cent of shoppers said they visited Amazon last year to find products they were unable to find in stores, while 40 per cent said they went to Amazon after being unable to find what they were looking for online.

“Online sales were of course going to rise while many physical stores have been closed, but our research gives credence to the theory that some of this switch to online shopping is permanent,” Hollow continued.

“Amazon has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of lockdown, and we don’t expect it to lose ground even when all stores open again in April.”

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