Entertainment retail sales hit record £9.3bn in 2020 thanks to lockdown binges

Home entertainment spending hit records highs of £9.3 billion last year as coronavirus drove the industry’s eighth consecutive year of growth.

According to the latest data from the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) spending jumped 18.3 per cent across music, video and gaming throughout 2020, coming in £210 million higher than estimates published in January.

The final figure was £210m higher than previous estimates published in January by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA).

Gaming once again accounted for the bulk of sales, representing 48 per cent of the entire entertainment retail sector.

This was boosted by the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles towards the end of the year, helping sales grow 17.7 per cent compared to 2019.

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Video was the fastest growing digital sector, seeing sales rise 38 per cent to £2.9 billion thanks to the growing number of subscription-based services like Disney Plus and Apple TV.

Despite the rise in digital sales, video also saw the sharpest decline in physical sales, seeing DVD and Blu-ray spending fall 25.6 per cent to £372.6 billion.

Music sales, which accounted for just 17 per cent of the industry’s total, also endured a continued decline in physical sales except for in vinyl, which continued to be an industry outlier.

Vinyl sales enjoyed their 12th year of consecutive growth, but remained a relatively small portion of overall spending achieving £110 million in sales.

“The entertainment market was already growing without coronavirus, but with much of the leisure sector shuttered due to lockdown, music, video and games were in the right place at the right time,” ERA chief executive Kim Bayley said.

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