Currys offering PS5 priority passes to combat scalpers

Currys PC World is offering shoppers PlayStation 5 “Priority Passes” to try and level the playing field against scalpers.

The technology retailer’s priority pass system randomly selects consumers who have signed up to the mailing list and supplies them with a “PS5 buying code” which enables them to purchase the console at a local retailer or online within 72 hours.

The retailer hopes that by only providing customers with the chance to purchase one console, it will decrease the chance that bots are able to snatch all the stock.

Scalpers have been responsible for up to 15 per cent of PS5 sales since the highly anticipated drop in November last year.

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The scalpers are able to snatch the limited stock as soon as retailers put it up for sale, leaving swathes of buyers unable to get their hands on a console.

As a result, the resell price of the popular console has rocketed by an average of 40 per cent on sites like Ebay and StockX.

High street retailer CeX has been criticised for contributing to the market value by selling their consoles for way over recommended retail price (RRP).

“Obviously none of us think it’s good,” a CeX spokesperson told Eurogamer. 

“We have been told that the price is that high to match with Ebay but that’s when it was £750, it’s now even higher.”

The consoles are rumoured to be returning to the stores when the lockdown is lifted in April.

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