Pinterest trends helping retailers get ahead

Pinterest trends are helping retailers like gain insight into how they should market their products in 2021.

Made has launched its ‘invest in rest’ advertising campaign based on Pinterest’s Predicts 2021 trend report.

The online furniture retailer has become the first in Europe to use the Pinterest’s insight report into current market trends to launch a campaign using the ‘trend badge’ feature to convince consumers to buy products to create their “sleep sanctuaries”. 

The trend badge feature has grown by over 80 per cent year-over-year as retailers are looking for new ways to improve their outreach and is part of a wider campaign across the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

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Pinterest Predicts was published to give insight to retailers on how they should market their products. 

The report reads: “Help Pinners to turn their bedrooms into sleep sanctuaries. Home retailers can promote sheets, weighted blankets and mattresses to keep bedtime extra cosy, 

“Drinks brands can recommend a night-time tea while vitamin brands can promote natural sleep aids. And music streaming services or meditation apps can share calming playlists to help Pinners unwind.”

Made brand marketing director Jonny Ng added: “Pinterest is an ideal platform for customers to be inspired by Made’s products and styling tips as they realise the vision for their interiors.

“ is the destination for digital natives to create a well-designed home, and this campaign – based on Pinterest users’ search behaviour – enables us to reach our audiences with engaging and relevant content that helps shorten their journey from inspiration to action.”

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