90% of Brits to continue to do bulk of shopping online after lockdown ends

Online shopping will continue to be the main method of buying everything from groceries to cars for the vast majority of Brits when lockdown ends.

According to new research, 90 per cent of shoppers say that they plan to continue doing the majority of their shopping online when non-essential high street stores reopen next month.

The study, conducted by automotive giant Vauxhall, also suggested that shoppers were increasingly comfortable making major purchases online without testing them in person first.

Around 20 per cent of respondents say they would be willing to buy a car online without test driving it first, while one in 10 shoppers have already done so.

However, 61 per cent of the study’s 2000 respondents said there were still certain items they still felt nervous about buying online.

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These included sofas, spectacles and houses, which 70 per cent of Brits said they would want to see in person before committing to a purchase.

“There can be a lot of misconceptions around making bigger purchases online, but we are seeing that it’s becoming a much more normalised way of shopping,” Vauxhall Motors’ James Taylor said.

“Making expensive purchases, doesn’t have to be nerve racking.

“The worst that can happen with an expensive online purchase is that you don’t like it – but just as with a pair of jeans you buy online, grace periods, returns and refunds are perfectly common.”

Nearly 30 per cent of shoppers said they preferred shopping online as they didn’t feel pressured to make a purchase, while 70 per cent said they no longer had to worry about the risks of going from shop to shop.

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