H&M launches AI-powered personal styling app “Sorted”

H&M has launched a new personal styling app for men, using machine learning to offer users unique curated suggestions from its entire catalogue.

‘Sorted by H&M’ is now available to download on iOS devices only, using both human stylists and artificial intelligence to offer users a range of styling suggestions to match everything from their body type to their eye colour.

By interacting with the app and feeding it information on your individual tastes and concerns such as broad shoulders or long legs, it will develop a highly personalized profile and offer you “perfect” suggestions.

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Shoppers can also “like” or “unlike” suggested items to train the algorithm, which H&M has developed alongside styling app Thread.

It will also offer tips like which colours to match with your hair, and which items you should favour to get the perfect fit, and offer a personal stylist message service so users can ask questions like “what to wear to a job interview”.

H&M is also offering a 15 per cent discount to all customers who download the app the encourage early adoption.

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