3734 new sellers have signed up to Amazon every day in 2021

Amazon has added 3734 new sellers every day in 2021 as third-party sellers become and increasingly vital revenue stream.

The online boom has driven thousands of businesses to Amazon’s marketplace this year, seeing a total of 295,000 new sellers sign up so far in 2021 according to new data from Finbold.

This is the equivalent of 155 new sellers every hour or around 2 every minute, with the UK signing up the fourth most sellers of any country.

Just over a quarter of the new sellers were from the US, followed by just over 10 per cent from India, 7.5 per cent from Canada and 6.8 per cent from the UK.

According to Business Insider, Amazon invested a whopping $30 billion to smaller sellers between 2019 and 2020, helping it achieve 54 per cent of its net sales from third-party sellers last year.

Sellers are understood to have flocked to Amazon as it represents the opportunity for the greatest reach with the least effort while selling online.

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“The company provides exposure to a new customer base that sellers could not access on their own,” the study read.

“Additionally, Amazon enables sellers to expand to new markets without investment. Sellers generally need to establish an in-market supply chain while taking advantage of Amazon’s world-class logistics.

“Notably, Amazon’s fulfillment procedure enables the company to manage inventory, storage within its facilities, shipping, and customer service on behalf of sellers.”

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