Scalper bots pose serious threat to online retail experts warn as Dr Martens becomes latest victim

Scalper bots are posing a serious threat to online retail experts have warned after Dr Martens became the latest victim of reseller groups.

Dr Martens launched its latest limited-edition collaboration with Rick Owens over the weekend, seeing almost all of the stock fall into the hands of scalper groups almost immediately.

Soon afterwards the stock appeared on resale sites like Grailed for staggering markups, some topping three times the RRP.

Head of ecommerce at Netacea Thomas Platt has warned that the increasing prominence of scalper bots and unscrupulous reseller groups could have a lasting impact on brands and consumer trust.

“Limited edition items like the Dr Martens x Rick Owens collaboration are getting harder to buy,” Platt said,

“You might think it’s because of diehard fans but there’s another reason these hot ticket items display a sad ‘sold out’ sign. Scalper bots. Using this automated method, resellers can scan retail websites and swipe the goods at a speed that no human can match.

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“It’s a real shame because the fans are the ones that lose out. The online store sells out at record speeds and the bot user sells their product for a mark-up. Now the consumer has to pay for an unnecessary middleman that didn’t use to exist.”

Scalpers first hit headlines last year amid the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles, seeing the limited stock disappear instantly.

Due to pandemic-driven manufacturing issues, stock has remained limited allowing scalper groups to continue to make considerable markups on thousands of units.

Speaking the Charged, ForgeRock’s vice president of UK and Ireland Nick Caley said that retailers are largely being left to tackle the issue themselves.

“Barring a change in the law (another instance of innovation outpacing regulation), retailers are being left to fend for themselves,” he said.

“They need to be as nimble as the scalpers and stay ahead of them to ensure real customers are having a safe and positive retail experience.”

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  • t millichamp
    March 24, 2021 4:55 pm

    If the sellers see anything out of the ordinary with the buyers, eg. buying too many at once, buying too quick, do not sell to them, the seller has the right to refuse to sell to anyone without giving a reason. That is covered by the Sale of Goods Act in the UK, limit them to 1 pair per purchase per week, if they buy more they will be refused their money will be refunded minus paypal and ebay etc fees. they will not like that. Also tell them HMRC will be informed of their activities and pass on the details of the scalpers.

    • Exactly – could not have put it better myself. A Doctor should be able to cure such an illness, if not the perpetrators…


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