Ted Baker becomes first fashion brand to launch on Clubhouse

Ted Baker has become the first fashion to launch its branded content on the emerging social media app Clubhouse.

Clubhouse, the audio only social media platform which only those with a direct invite can access, has until now not allowed brands to join the platform.

Ted Baker will be among the first brands on the rapidly growing app, which was launched in beta last year, to launch a branded ‘club’ on the platform.

Users are able to follow the Ted Baker’s club and will have access to its six-part series “Conversations in Culture” hosted by emerging Clubhouse influencer Abraxas Higgins.

Each hour-long session will see Higgins joined by key figures from British culture and fashion who are able to invite their own network to share the stage and discuss topics.

“The fashion industry has been seen as illusive for a long time but now more than ever people are looking to connect with brands,” Higgins said.

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“Those [brands] that can come on [to the app] and explain their philosophy to audiences (among other things) may be able to create fandom both inside and outside Clubhouse.

“Ted Baker is a British brand that I have been aware of my entire life and I believe our partnership is well placed to launch ‘Conversations in Culture’. I’m excited to see what the coming weeks will bring.”

Ted Bakers chief customer office Jennifer Roebuck added: “We see Clubhouse as an opportunity to experiment with new and innovative digital formats and develop our cultural capital.

“As a British heritage brand, we intend to use our voice to be part of the cultural conversation alongside diverse and engaging talent from across our industry and beyond.”

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