Beauty and lingerie sales skyrocket during the pandemic

Beauty and lingerie sales in the UK have boomed over the course of the pandemic, according to figures from UK online retail association IMRG.

The figures found that health and beauty items grew by about 80 per cent while lingerie sales also rose by over 50 per cent.

Haircare items enjoyed a significant rise in sales rocketing over 300 per cent during the pandemic as buyers have tried to maintain their image over the lockdown.

Fragrances suffered in the early stages of 2020 seeing a fall of up to 50 per cent but recovered when lockdowns were lifted in June, seeing growth of over 150 per cent rising even further in January 2021.

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The dataset showed significant increases in 12 month rolling year-on-year growth in the garden sector which again saw a 200 per cent increase as shoppers embarked on home improvement projects.

Consumers also took to purchasing a greater amount of electronics during the pandemic, the sector seeing an impressive jump of over 100 per cent.

The turn of the year has seen further growth in several sectors such as beauty, which suffered a decline in the latter stages of 2020, but has enjoyed a sales boom of nearly 120 per cent since January this year.

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