Lidl to re-release coveted £14 trainer that sold for £4000 online

Lidl has announced it is to re-release its highly sought after trainer that caught the attention of sneakerheads last summer.

The supermarket brand will be releasing the trainer and matching sport socks on a limited-edition basis on Easter Monday (April 5) in European stores.

The trainer was initially thought to be an April fools joke, however it soon became apparent the German discounter was legitimately producing the shoes

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After their commercial release last year the shoes exploded online and throughout social media, appearing on resale platforms such as Ebay and StockX for as much as £4,000.

Lidl restocked the trainers in December last year with 75,000 pairs introduced in France, seeing customers queuing out the door to secure a pair.

“Everyone lined up normally, at exactly eight AM they ran or quickly walked to the shop and the sneakers’ shelf emptied in less than ten seconds,” a customer told Finnish publication Foreigner.

Lidl Switzerland auctioned off one of the shoes and received a bid of CHF 656 (£503.54) and donated the fee to the Swiss Red Cross.

Lidl also adopted a marketing ploy used by many fashion retailers and sent the shoes to celebrities to endorse on social media, with former Liverpool football player Djibril Cissé receiving a pair.

However customers looking to purchase the shoe in the UK may have to fork out for extortionate resale costs as the supermarket says they won’t be hitting British shelves any time soon.

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