Etsy to offset 100% of packaging emissions in latest sustainability push

Etsy has announced plans to offset 100 per cent of carbon emissions associated with all its packaging materials amid its latest sustainability push.

As part of its commitment to reach net-zero emissions by 2030, Etsy says it will now measure and offset all packaging emissions at no extra cost to its customers.

In February 2019 Etsy, which acquired music gear resale platform Reverb the same year, became the first global ecommerce brand to completely offset carbon emissions generated by shipping goods by partnering with 3Degrees.

Under the scheme Etsy automatically purchases verified emissions reductions, or “offsets”, which include sponsoring wind and solar farms and protecting forests.

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Now Etsy has extended this scheme to cover packaging materials across both its own platform and Reverb’s too.

“When you buy an item on Etsy or Reverb, we already measure the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere as a result of shipping that item and invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount,” Etsy’s director of sustainability and impact engagement Chelsea Mozen said.

“Now we’re including the carbon emissions from the materials used to pack your items in that calculation and increasing our investments in offsets accordingly, with no additional cost to buyers or sellers.”

Last year Etsy offset more than 400,000 metric tonnes of carbon through its initiative.

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