7 rapid grocery delivery brands delivering in under an hour

The last 12 months has seen a dramatic rise in grocery delivery companies, Deliveroo and Ocado being at the forefront, with the former hosting its initial public offering (IPO) in the UK earlier this year.

Mainstream supermarkets also waded into the scene, ramping up their online delivery capacities to match staggering demand.

While these services have been around for some time, there is a new market exploding onto the scene.

Frustration surrounding continual limits on delivery capacity and waiting times often stretching more than a week has opened a new gap in the market, born out of consumers’ desires to receive their shopping within minutes of ordering.

“Ultra-rapid” grocery delivery services have now arrived, offering unrivalled convenience threatening the dominance of the market’s largest players like Deliveroo and Amazon Fresh.

Charged has taken a look at some of the brands making a grab for a share of the market:

7 – Beelivery


Delivery time: 15-60 minutes

Minimum spend: £12

Delivery fee: £3.50

Trustpilot rating: Excellent

Cheshire-based delivery startup Beelivery is a same-day grocery delivery company that delivers to over 300 locations all over the UK including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Belfast and Glasgow.

Beelivery drops off all your grocery and store cupboard essentials with an impressive range including alcohol, baby produce, fresh goods and free-from options.

The brand has more than 40,000 staff working for them after doubling its workforce at Christmas.

“We knew that groceries was a massive market, and we knew shopping habits were changing and even back in 2015, people were going from doing ‘big shops’ to doing more ‘top-up shops,” Beelivery founder Mr Parkinson told BusinessLive.

“I think we would have always reached this level of sales in growth and numbers – but it was accelerated by the lockdown.”

6 – Grocemania


Delivery time: 15-20 minutes

Minimum spend: None

Delivery fee: £4.50 for orders under £10

Trustpilot rating: Excellent

Grocemania will delivery goods from smaller, local grocery chains such as Nisa and Londis as well as being able to collect from local businesses like fishmongers.

The company also offers the ability to checkout with Paypal for quick payment.

A very content consumer base on Trustpilot claims it is one of the best in the business.

Grocemania doesn’t charge the retailer, adding a small mark-up on the products listed and a delivery fee, which reduces as the customer’s shopping basket increases.

The company plans to expand into Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham, Stockport and Manchester in May.

5- Jiffy


Delivery time: 5-20 minutes

Minimum spend: None

Delivery fee: Free for 1st month and then £1.99 afterwards

App Store rating: 5.0 (21 reviews)

While the London based delivery company offers virtually the same service as all the others, it offers 30 days free delivery to entice new customers and separate it from its competitors.

“The online grocery shopping experience is frustrating for most U.K. customers, as slots are often unavailable for days and weeks in advance, and some stores charge a premium fee for a ‘rapid’ delivery that still takes up to two hours,” Jiffy founder Artur Shamalov said to Techcrunch.

“We live in 2021 when you can purchase a ticket to Mars, but you still can’t get your groceries delivered on demand when you need them.”

Shamalov aims to provide a service that partially replaces the every day grocery trip.

4 – Weezy


Delivery time: 10 minutes

Minimum spend: None

Delivery fee: £1.80

App Store rating: 4.5 (209 reviews)

London based Weezy places emphasis on “spending less time shopping and more time living”. Stocking consumers’ cupboard favourites and delivering within 15 minutes, Weezy has quickly become a favourite.

What separates Weezy from its competitors is the way it employs customer service specialists instead of standard delivery personnel.

“People appreciate having great customer service and it comes from the interactions they’ll have in the app, in case they contact their local fulfilment centre,” Weezy chief executive Kristof Van Beveren, said.

“In case there’s any trouble with the delivery, you want to talk to someone who provides a great service.”

3 – Gorillas Grocery


Delivery time: 10 minutes

Minimum spend: None

Delivery fee: £1.80

App Store rating: 4.6 (126 reviews)

Based in Berlin, Gorillas is one of the fastest growing delivery companies out there, recently achieving a $1 billion valuation after a series of funding.

Kağan Sümer and Jörg Kattner founded Gorillas last May and it has already operates in more than 12 cities, including London, Munich and Amsterdam.

Gorillas operates in Brixton, Kennington, Angel and Shoreditch and can deliver all of your household items including vegan options, dairy and fresh.

2 – Dija


Delivery time: 10 minutes

Minium spend: None

Delivery fee: £2 for orders less than £10

App Store rating: 4.5/5 (72 reviews)

Dija was founded by former Deliveroo executives Alberto Menolascina and Yusuf Saban and promises rapid delivery within 10 minutes of the order being placed.

The company offers a ‘no quibble’ policy by which if your groceries take longer than 10 minutes to arrive, they will delivery free of charge for three months.

Dija is only currently only available in the capital, operating in South Kensington, Fulham, Hackney and Battersea.

By the summer, the start-up promises to open 20 hubs covering all of central London and Zone two areas.

1 – Getir


Delivery time: 10 minutes

Minium spend: £10

Delivery fee: Currently free however will be £1.80

App Store rating: 4.8 (2.7k reviews)

Boasting a range of over 1,000 products, Turkish-based grocer is rapidly becoming a big competitor to the already established food delivery brands.

Using its network of dark stores (a large facility that houses goods used to fulfil orders that isn’t open to the public) and riders deliver around the clock.

Promising no product substitutions, Getir currently only delivers in London’s zones one and two.

The startup tripled its valuation in two months and is one of the fastest growing and most popular grocery delivery apps around in the capital.

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  • Mason Zacharie
    April 12, 2021 10:50 pm

    What I’d give for one of these apps to aggregate the local stores and promote local communities. All of these shoppers who want to live in thriving local communities probably would relish sending the business to the local shop if it could be dropped off, rather than put out of business by a ‘dark store’.

  • Reallity is codiv has changes shopping trends. Folk seeks online shopping the safest way for basic needs. “Freshers Delivery” App is also a growing app that delivery grocery at your door step
    – in less than 30 minutes within mile
    – allows to order from your corner shop
    – no minimum order value
    – Free delivery

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  • It dosent operate in sheffield as it states!


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