Amazon decisively stamps out unionisation efforts in the US after landslide vote


Amazon has thrashed US union representatives in a historic vote as workers voted overwhelmingly against forming the first union in the country.

Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama, who have been casting ballots via mail for weeks, voted 1798 to 738 against unionisation.

The vote was being watched closely across the US as it would have marked the first workers’ union to form in the US in Amazon’s history.

Tensions between the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), which workers were voting to join, and Amazon were still running high despite the result with both sides accusing the other of foul play.

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The RWDSU’s president Stuart Applebaum said he was formally filing charges against Amazon for its “egregious and blatantly illegal actions” during the vote.

“We won’t let Amazon’s lies, deception and illegal activities go unchallenged,” he added.

“Amazon knew full well that unless they did everything they possibly could, even illegal activity, their workers would have continued supporting the union.”

Throughout the vote Amazon has faced allegations of forcing employees to attend anti-union meetings, bombarding them with anti-union propaganda and attempting to influence the casting and counting of ballots.

Amazon has responded to these allegations, stating that: “It’s easy to predict the union will say that Amazon won this election because we intimidated employees, but that’s not true.

“Our employees heard far more anti-Amazon messages from the union, policymakers, and media outlets than they heard from us. And Amazon didn’t win – our employees made the choice to vote against joining a union.”

The vote was watched across the US, which has seen union membership decrease sharply over the past decade.

Even President Joe Biden weighed in on the vote, criticising Amazon for its union-busting tactics in a video posted on Twitter stating the choice to “join a union is up to the workers, full stop”.

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