Amazon launches new private food label ‘Aplenty’ as it continues push into grocery


Amazon has launched a new private label food brand as it continues its relentless push into grocery both online and on the high street.

Amazon’s new ‘Aplenty’ brand is being launched online and in its physical Amazon Fresh grocery stores, two of which it opened in London last month.

Aplenty will eventually include hundreds of new branded products, Amazon said in an email announcement this week, ranging from sweets and salty snacks to pantry staples like frozen foods, condiments, sauces, seasonings, and baking mixes over the next year.

It will mark the latest in a string of private food labels from the retailer, which already sells milk, vegetables and spices under its ‘Happy Belly’ brand, baked goods under ‘Amazon Fresh’ and ready meals under its ‘Amazon Kitchen’ brand.

Amazon’s Fresh stores in the UK also sell items under its ‘By Amazon’ brand.

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Alongside its various own-brand fashion labels and popular ‘Amazon Basics’ range, Amazon also sells products for children under its ‘Mama Bear’ brand.

With around two third of Amazon’s sales now coming from third party retailers on its marketplace, it is throwing its considerable weight behind own label brands to maximise profits and shift its model.

It is also making a concerted effort to disrupt the grocery sector, both in the US and UK, launching various physical high-tech grocery stores in both markets over the past year.

In March it opened its second physical grocery store in the UK in as many weeks, stocking its existing own-brand ranges and offering its flagship “Just Walk Out” shopping technology.

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  • No thanks. Amazon’s too big already.

    The Amazon marketplace is the best place on Amazon as that’s real competition and where the real deals are, but I advise people to look up the company name and buy directly from that company if they have their own website. Cut out the Amazon middle man completely.


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