Ebay launch automated advertising campaigns functionality

Ebay Ads UK has launched a new feature which enables sellers create promoted listings campaigns in just three clicks.

The new feature was created in response to feedback from sellers asking for more streamlined, automated marketing tools on the platform.

The automated campaigns feature has been implemented to help retailers concentrate on their business operations while making marketing campaigns easier to create.

Ebay sellers are now able to use the automated campaigns feature to set up rules to determine which of their listings they wish to promote as well as choosing their ad rate strategies.

Using filters including price, Ebay category and store category, sellers are now able to use automated campaigns to easily set up rules to determine which listings they wish to promote and choose their ad rate strategy.

Then, once dates are set, the campaign can go live.

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Sellers can automate their advertising rates by selecting Ebay’s suggested rate to save time, however users can also set caps and benchmarks as well as adjust rates to protect their profit margins if they wish to exercise more control.

Once the campaign is set, the listings and the ad rates are adjusted according to the rules that sellers set.

Our sellers have been telling us they would appreciate more automation and fewer steps,” Ebay’s general manager of advertising in the UK Harmony Murphy said.

“As a result, we created our Automated Campaigns feature, the latest campaign creation flow designed to help sellers manage and optimise their Promoted Listings campaigns

“As always, the seller remains in control of their listings, yet with significantly more efficiency, enabling our retailers to deliver even greater success from the eBay Marketplace.”

The service is already live in the US and Australia and Ebay hope the automated campaign management tools will help sellers be more efficient on the app.

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