Nike to start selling used and refurbished shoes at a discount

Nike is set to start refurbishing used trainers returned by shoppers and reselling them at cheaper prices in its latest sustainability push.

Nike Refurbished is set to launch across 15 US Nike stores by the end of April, forming part of the sportswear giant’s wider Nike Move to Zero circularity initiative.

Shoes returned to Nike within a 60-day return window will be inspected and refurbished by hand, then resold at a discount based on their condition.

The initiative will sort returned footwear into three categories, “like new”, “gently worn” or “cosmetically flawed”.

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Nike’s team will reportedly use a number of different tools and products to return the shoes to as close to new as possible.

Customers can then access information about the refurbished shoes, including their condition grade, by scanning QR codes on boxes before committing to a purchase, while each pair will be covered by Nike’s 60-day wear test.

Returned shoes which are not able to be refurbished will either be donated via Nike’s community partner or recycled into ‘Nike Grind’, a mesh of scrap materials used to manufacture new products.

According to Nike its Refurbished programme will expand across more US stores throughout the year.

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