Louis Vuitton partners with Chinese ecommerce brand JD.com

Louis Vuitton has announced a new partnership with Chinese ecommerce giant JD.com in bid to further its reach in Asia.

Users will be able to search for Louis Vuitton items on the JD.com app, sending them to a customised section dedicated to the luxury brand.

However, JD.com will not directly sell Louis Vuitton products on the platform, instead shoppers will be directed to Louis Vuitton’s WeChat programme where they are able to purchase the items.

“We are thrilled to partner with Louis Vuitton to further enhance the Chinese e-commerce luxury experience,” JD.com’s president of international business Kevin Jiang said.

“This is an unprecedented model which provides a seamless shopping experience. JD will continue to innovate in China’s luxury market to provide an unmatched experience.”

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The brand partnership comes as China’s boycott on Western fashion brands continued.

Rival luxury brand Burberry has recently been added to China’s blacklist of brands after criticising the country’s alleged human rights abuses of its Uighur Muslim population.

H&M’s outlets are also understood to have been taken off Apple and Baidu Maps in China, while the brand has been removed from Chinese ecommerce platforms including JD.com.

The US has accused China of running a state-sponsored “corporate and consumer boycott” against all Western brands that have refused to use cotton from the Xinjiang region.

JD.com aims to face up to its main rival, Alibaba’s Tmall with its partnership with Louis Vuitton.

The luxury fashion brand has been making moves into the Chinese market after becoming one of the first Western brands to live stream an event on ecommerce website Xiaohongshu, where the stream was viewed by 95 million users last year.

Co-founder of digital marketing agency Tong Adam Knight told Vogue Business: “Tmall and JD have been engaged in a turf war for luxury brands for several years now, with each racing against the other to meet the demands of both consumers and brands alike through ever more innovative features and exclusives.”

“Signing Louis Vuitton represents a huge coup for JD, having arguably always been playing second fiddle to Tmall’s Luxury Pavilion.”

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