Russian tech giant Yandex to launch e-grocery operations in Paris and London

Yandex is set to launch an online grocery delivery service in Paris and London in the second and third quarters of this year respectively, after strong sales in Russia during the pandemic.

The company is also Russia’s largest taxi-hire service and has a range of online business operations including online payment, email and a news aggregator.

Its 15-minute grocery delivery service, Yandex.Lavka, performed strongly during the pandemic as shoppers stayed at home and switched to online grocery deliveries, achieving nearly two million orders every month.

Yandex said the service would launch in central areas of Paris and has already started hiring staff, Reuters reported.

The ecommerce giant has said that it will set up its service in London in the third quarter of this year.

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The company’s food technology subsidiary, Yango Deli, launched the service in Israel late last year.

Yango Deli will adopt a similar strategy to other grocery delivery services by using dark stores, which are specialised warehouses designed for grocery delivery operations.

Dark stores are popular because they enable rapid delivery and also are cheaper to run than conventional supermarkets.

Yandex.Lavka already has over 300 operational dark stores in Russia.

“In France, Yandex’s Yango Deli will use the company’s tried and tested model of hyperlocal delivery in 10-15 minutes from dark stores, supported by its proprietary technologies and know-how, and it will take orders via its own app.” a Yandex statement read.

The company said it was planning to launch the service in London in the third quarter of this year and will have to compete with a burgeoning rapid grocery delivery market including brands such as Getir and Dija.

Yandex aims to spend $500 million on boosting its ecommerce services this year, its finance chief said.

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