“Peloton is not doing anything” – Customer frustration grows over Tread+

Peloton users are becoming increasingly frustrated as problems with the fitness brand’s popular Tread+ device continue.

Peloton has recently been slapped with a class-action lawsuit over the marketing of its popular Tread+ treadmill which has been responsible for the injuries of 39 children including one fatality in March.

The incident prompted intervention from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which told users of the Tread+ to avoid using the machine near children or animals.

Peloton chief executive responded to the CPSC’s claims, saying they were ‘inaccurate and misleading’ and said the company would refuse to recall the machines.

However, as more reports of defective machines come to light, users of the Tread+ are becoming increasingly frustrated with the company’s customer service.

Marathon runner, Cary Kelly, contacted Peloton after suffering burns and fractures as she was propelled through a wall after falling facedown onto the treadmill, Insider reported.

Kelly asked if the fitness company were able to pause her membership and requested help in moving the treadmill to a safer part of her home, however both requests were denied.

The runner said she was fortunate as she was afraid that if she’d fallen at a different angle she’d have suffered the same fate of the young child who was fatally injured by Peloton’s Tread+ in March.

“I’m very, very lucky that my arm didn’t get sucked under,” Kelly said.

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Kelly admitted the accident was partly her fault as she wasn’t wearing the recommended security clip however she felt the company wasn’t forthcoming in properly communicating all its safety protocols associated with the device.

She believes she was never told about Peloton’s recommended 6ft space between the back of a machine and a wall, information that would have saved her from injury, she claims.

Separately, a former Peloton customer-service employee told Insider that she received several complaints about the Tread+ that made her increasingly concerned about its safety starting in September 2020.

She said she was contacted by users who said their devices had stability issues despite being installed by Peloton employees as well as malfunctions such as pedals breaking off bikes.

Business for Peloton has been accelerated during the pandemic with gyms being closed, with over four million paying members across its treadmill, bike and other subscription models.

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“There’s some stuff that I’ve had to troubleshoot for members personally, which led me to believe that this thing should not be used by anyone at all,” the former employee said.

“It is a huge safety concern for anyone and everyone.”

Another customer reported that his 14 year old son was unexpectedly thrown off the device while in the middle of a workout and while his son wasn’t severely injured, he’s been left with a broken treadmill for over a year.

“I’m fortunate that our kid didn’t get hurt and that we didn’t have a serious injury, but it doesn’t stop the fact that these things have severe issues with them and Peloton is not doing anything,” he told Insider.

Peloton is facing two class-action lawsuits alleging it violated consumer-protection laws.

The first lawsuit’s lead plaintiff Shannon Albright alleges that Peloton violated consumer protection laws and that “Peloton has known, or should have known, of the defective nature of its Tread+ product.”

She believes that Peloton “sold and marketed the device as safe and appropriate for use by families in the home, even though its design makes it inherently and uniquely dangerous to children.”

A group of Peloton investors are also taking the company to court over claims that the company made a series of statements about the Tread+ that were “materially false and misleading”.

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