Digital “window shopping” trend has driven a boom in cart abandonment

Online shoppers are abandoning more than £100 of goods in baskets every month as the ecommerce boom sparks a new online “window shopping” trend.

According to new data from Barclaycard Payments, a mix of increased online shopping but more cautious spending habits have driven this new trend.

On average, shoppers left £105.60 worth of goods in online shopping baskets every month, with homeware, smart clothing, gadgets and party outfits topping the list of most frequently abandoned items.

Barclaycard Payment’s Marc Pettican explained that as online shopping has boomed during the pandemic, “so too has the number of purchases abandoned”.

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“An increase in choice, slow checkout processes, and websites which are difficult to navigate have all contributed to shoppers deserting items at the last minute,” he said.

“A lot of this is down to frustrations when faced with various checkout hurdles, such as cumbersome payment authentication processes which can require a number of steps to complete.”

However this abandonment boom has been driven by more than just cumbersome websites.

According to the data, 34 per cent of respondents said they now shopped more online, but 25 per cent said they were more cautious with their spending.

Meanwhile, nearly a fifth of shoppers said they were increasingly using the virtual world as a distraction from lockdown, window shopping to pass the time.

Independent retail expert Clare Bailey explained: “While shoppers are leaving behind more fantasy basket items as a result, these findings provide invaluable insight that could help retailers buck the trend.

“For example, consumers are less likely to drop out at checkout when retailers invest in a dedicated app, offer seamless payment processing, and simple authentication systems.”

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