80% of shoppers miss aspects of in-store when shopping online

Research has shown that 80 per cent of consumers say they miss at least one aspect of shopping in-store when they shop online.

Retailers are falling short when it comes to replicating in-store experiences when shopping digitally, according to the report published by PFS surveying 2,000 consumers in the UK.

The report also found that 35 per cent of respondents admitted that they have had an unsatisfactory online shopping experience when shopping with a previously trusted brand, forcing them to browse elsewhere.

In addition, the study found that 23 per cent of consumers agree that online stores don’t develop enough of a personal connection with them or that the merchant is only after their money and doesn’t care about customer satisfaction.

According to PFS, the most missed element of physical shopping is being able to touch products, with 43 per cent of respondents saying they missed being able to physically interact with items.

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Customers were also missing the option to test items, with 41 per cent saying that they enjoyed the option to test for colour or size.

Retailers have tried to use chatbots and FAQ pages to inject some humanity into their online shopping experiences, but 21 per cent of respondents said they still felt that online customer service was lacking.

The report also listed slow delivery (18 per cent), a lack of stock (17 per cent) and painful returns processes (14 per cent) as reasons behind a loss of interest in a previously preferred brand.

Fulfilment shortcomings are clearly an irritant for consumers as a net total of 88 per cent of respondents said at least one fulfilment issue could or already has made an impact.

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  • Andrew Kelly
    May 19, 2021 12:15 pm

    This figure doesn’t surprise me, no online store will ever fully replace a physical one. The use of AI over personalises the shopping experience and actually removes choice from the customer. Shopping isn’t a binary transaction either, the physical store provides that personal human touch that an algorithm will never do


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