Alibaba’s AI platform recognises counterfeit goods faster than you can blink

Alibaba has launched a new AI platform that is able to recognise counterfeit luxury items in 30-50 milliseconds, 10 times quicker than you are able to blink.

Alibaba’s AI platform was built by its “Turing Lab” and centres around a database of over one million logos spanning different luxury product categories, the biggest database in the world according to GlobalTimes.

The technology uses data from over 13 billion picture samples and will block the product link of any item which is suspected of being counterfeit with 96 per cent accuracy.

The luxury clothing industry in China defied the usual pandemic trend and rose by a surprising 48 per cent ($54 billion) as Chinese consumers were unable to buy their goods from elsewhere amid travel restrictions.

Luxury sales on Alibaba’s Tmall platform rose by 159 per cent year-on-year according to the ecommerce giant.

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The counterfeit industry has boomed alongside it, with £3.2 billion being spent on fake designer brands in the UK alone last year, according to data released by H&T Pawnbrokers.

Efforts to stop counterfeit goods being sold online have stepped up after an increase in online sales during the pandemic has led to companies such as Amazon introducing strict measures.

In June Amazon launched a special “Counterfeit Crimes Unit” to crack down on unlawful sales of fake and counterfeit products amid increasing pressure.

New measures were passed by the US Department of Homeland Security in January threatening online retailers like Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay with severe penalties for selling illegal counterfeit goods.

The measures will see law enforcement officials will begin identifying counterfeit goods being sold online immediately, and actively pursuing them with fines and potentially “injunctive relief”.

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