Peloton adds password to Tread+ amid recall controversy

Peloton has announced it is adding a password lock feature to its Tread+ after safety concerns involving the device.

Users of the Peloton Tread+ will be required to update their software when they next access their machine and activate the new “Tread Lock” system.

The security measure will lock the treadmill when the device isn’t in use or after 45 seconds of inactivity.

The fitness brand has had a difficult few months after it saw more than $4 billion abruptly wiped off its market value earlier this month after it announced a recall of its treadmills following dozens of injuries including one fatality involving a child.

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Peloton issued a recall of its Tread+ devices while under pressure from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) which claimed that it wasn’t safe to use.

However, the recall was voluntary and many customers refused to send the machine back.

“Who in their right mind would possibly think that a machine like that is OK to leave on with kids or pets around?,” a user told told Business Insider.

“The instructions couldn’t have been clearer to me when I bought the unit. Basic common sense: It’s a treadmill. It’s designed to move my 220-pound ass.”

Peloton said it the Tread Lock system was currently only available to Tread+ machines however the feature will be rolled out to cheaper Tread models later this summer, according to Business Insider.

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