Guess and Microsoft launch ‘Guess Z Lab’ in attempt to “learn how to attract” Gen Z shoppers

Guess has partnered with Microsoft to launch a new concept designed to collaborate and exchange ideas with Gen Z shoppers directly.

Guess Z Lab is a new project launched by the Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center (LTCC) of which Guess is a founding member, in a bid to connect more deeply with the generation, which make up some 30 per cent of the world’s population.

Its aim is to co-create experiences and products that directly speak to Gen Z, developing ideas hand-in-hand with the students during a number of workshops.

“We were looking for a project that would connect us with the crucial part of our current and future market but would do so in an innovative way that would feel natural to the digital natives we are trying to reach,” Guess’ chief creative officer Paul Marciano said.

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“We want the project to be a two-way conversation. We know that we will get extraordinary insights from them, but we also want to give them exposure to the business and show them what it means to build, position, and grow a brand.”

LTCC’s president Carlo Terreni added: “Any brand which plans to engage with young consumers needs to open up to Gen Zers and actively engage with them, learn how to attract them and support them in their future careers.

“Our mission at the LTCC is to foster these initiatives in established businesses through collaboration with big tech, and in this case, direct with consumers.”

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