84% of shoppers will reject retailers that offer poor returns processes

84 per cent of online shoppers would refuse to use a retailer again after a bad returns experience according to new research from Klarna.

The research also found that 39 per cent of consumers have done more shopping online since the start of the pandemic, driving the number of returns.

According to Klarna, 83 per cent of consumers admit to becoming frustrated by retailers’ inefficient returns processes, while 82 per cent conclude that retailers need to improve returns.

Slow refunds were a common cause of frustration for consumers returning purchases online, with 36 per cent citing them as the most irritating element of returns.

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The inconvenience of not having a printer when a printed label is needed is another major frustration for shoppers, 25 per cent citing it as a reason for not shopping with a retailer again.

Having to queue to return at the post office (23 per cent) as well as not being able to return items in store that they’ve bought online (21 per cent) were also key reasons.

Over 20 per cent of shoppers claim they have kept an item that they were unhappy with because of the effort required to return it over the last 12 months.

Consumers however are happy to return to an online retailer if it offers free returns with 84 per cent saying so.

“Nobody wants to be out of pocket as a result of items they don’t even choose to keep, so it’s no surprise that slow refund processes are the top frustration factor when it comes to returns,” Klarna UK chief executive Alex Marsh said.

“As reliance on returns grows, retailers need to ensure they’re offering a smooth, seamless process that meets the needs of today’s customers, considering everything from effortless logistics to flexible payment options.

“As our research suggests, those that fail to adapt will lose customers in the long term.”

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